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            Dee knows and loves Sussex County! Having grown up inland from Bethany Beach at Sandy Landing, family-owned land for  several generations along the Indian River, she chose to return to Sussex County after graduation from the University  of Delaware to teach Social Studies at Seaford High School. Her husband of thirty-seven years is a native of nearby  Bridgeville. Changing to the real estate profession allowed more time for Dee to spend with her children, Stacy and  Ryan. Both of them are U of D graduates and live in Wilmington. Stacy and her husband, also named Ryan, became parents  in 2006 to Callie, Dee's first grandchild.
            Currently, Dee serves as Broker of Record for CFM's satellite office conveniently located on Rt. 13, north of Seaford.  She has spent fifteen of her twenty-nine years with the company and has been on the Board of Directors since the  first year and is currently a multi-million top producer. Dee rarely discusses her success in real estate, but lets  her knowledge, results, and satisfied customers speak for her.